Special Notice – Deadbeat Traders

In my 20 years of aircheck trading, I have only been stiffed by someone on three occasions.  This means I had sent them their airchecks, waited patiently, followed up with e-mails and/or phone calls, and they still have refused to send the airchecks they promised.  I have created this page as a warning to others.


  1. Chris Stelly from Louisiana:   I sent him multiple airchecks in 2000 and he would not send me the ones I requested.
  2. Marc Haze from Tampa, FL.  I sent him one aircheck in 2001.  He did not send mine in return.
  3. Barry Miller from Southwest Florida (Coldwell Banker Real Estate).  I sent him one aircheck in 2017.  After that, he refused to communicate with me and he refused to send me what he promised.