September Update

Happy Fall to one and all! Another update to my airchecks list has arrived. New additions are from CA, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, ME, MA, MN, NY, NC, PA, TN, TX, WA, and Mexico.

July/August Update

Here is your update for July and August. The month of August will be a bit busy for me so you can expect the next update to come sometime in September. My airchecks list has been updated with new entries from the following states: CA, DC, FL, GA, IL, LA, MN, MO, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, WI, and WY. Enjoy the rest of your summer! As always, feel free to e-mail me anytime.

R.I.P. Dan Ingram (September 7, 1934 – June 24, 2018)

We morn the loss of one of the icons of Top 40 radio and one of my personal radio influences, Dan Ingram. In tribute to Big Dan, I am making my hour-long 1977 Dan Ingram scoped compilation available on my YouTube Channel. To hear it, you can either click on the title of this update or click on Dan’s picture to the right under “Featured Stations.” R.I.P. Kemosabe.

June Update

Summer is finally here and so is another update! I have added airchecks from the following states on my aircheck list: AZ, AR, CA, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, MN, MO, NY, TN, TX, WA, and WI. Send me an e-mail if you would like to set up a trade.

May Update

Right on schedule, I’ve made another update to my airchecks list. States with new additions this month are CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MD, MO, NY, NC, TN, TX, and Canada.

April Update

New additions have been made to my airchecks list including many current airchecks from New York City and Atlanta. States with new airchecks: FL, GA, MA, MI, MO, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, WA, and WI.

March Update

March is here and I think we are all ready for Spring! Another update of my airchecks list is complete. Most of my new additions are classic and recent airchecks from Chicago. Overall, the states with new airchecks are AR, CA, DC, IN, MD, MI, MO, NV, NY, TN, and TX.

February Update

“Featured Stations” is back! Just click on one of the station logos on the right to open up one of the airchecks that I have uploaded to YouTube for that particular station. My airchecks list has been updated with additions to the following states: AZ, CA, FL, GA, MA, MI, MO, NY (including many from WABC), OK, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, WA, and WI.

January Update

Happy New Year! “Featured Stations” has been removed temporarily. It’s not working properly so I decided to remove it until I can get it fully operational again. My airchecks list has been updated. New additions have been added to the following states: AZ, CA, FL, IL, IN, MA, MI, NY, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX, WA, WI, and one added in Canada.

December Update

No website update this month. Even though I have a lot of new airchecks to add to my list, I have no time to update it until early January at the earliest. I hope your holidays have been happy and I will see you again in 2018.