Welcome to the new MasterOfRadio.com!

You can call this a “soft launch.”  The website is fully functional now, but I’m still adding things.  First of all my “Airchecks List” is complete and up-to-date.  Somewhere I still have to include a brief “rules for trading” but in the meantime you can view my list.  On the “Jingles” page you can view and actually hear my collection of jingle demos and other goodies.  I have much more to add here so this is nowhere near complete.  The “Listen On YouTube” page currently shows links to my YouTube playlists.  On YouTube I feature many of the shorter airchecks which I don’t include on my list.  Also on the “Featured Stations” box to the right, you can click on one of the station logos and be taken directly to an aircheck of that station that I have uploaded to YouTube.  Enjoy the work in progress!  If you need anything, reach me at RichM921 (at) Hotmail (dot) com

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